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Warmly welcome to visit us.Cheering Light Limited is a professional provider focus on portable lighting systems mainly based on the lighting source of Light Emitting Diode(LED).We have over 10 years experience on the developing,marketing our portable lights.Product includes scuba diving lights,outdoor lights,tactical lights,fishing lights ect.As the manufacturer,exporter and experienced supplier,our products available for custom OEM service and ODM service to our customers.We always do our best to supply the high quality,affortable,innovative products for you.It's our honour to supply satisfaction products to you.And we hope to build long term win-win business for each other.


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Contact: Sales department

Phone: +86 15859245864

Tel: +86 15859245864

E-mail: sales@cheering-light.com

Add: A408,No.3 Chang'le Road,Huli district,Xiamen 361011,P.R.C

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